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We are Arba Members and NPIP Certified

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We use and essential oil mix for our pesticides

Welcome to Technica Farms

healthy & quality standard farm

Most of our products are grown hydroponically with plant based pesticides made from essential oils. Rest assured that our products are grown out to high quality standards. We use hydrogen peroxide for our sanitation process to make sure what we grow is not affected by our sanitation process. From seed to harvest our products are cared for and nurtured with the utmost standards. Our products are not only provided for commercial sale, but we are also a user of the same products we sell. We don’t want toxic chemicals going into our bodies and we assume our clients do not want that either.

We are also a member of Arba and provide our clients with top notch rabbits.

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About Us

Farm-In Changing Future Of Agriculture

We Farm Hydroponically!

Technica Farms

We pay more for a healthier future

Support local your local farms

Our Products

products we provide

Microgreens, Fruits & Veggies, Rabbits. Quail and Much More

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We are selling quality food

We strive to provide our clients with higher quality food than you can purchase at your local grocery store


top quality veggies that we consider to be second to none


Fantastic Tasting Fruits


Lovable companions that will warm your heart

Egg & Meat

we help our clients become sustainable by providing their own eggs and meat

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3 step to get our fresh veggies

support your local farm, order locally. save time and money along with getting quality products 


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What Client Say’s About Us

Trina Tyler
    Trina Tyler


    great people to deal with and very friendly 🙂 and I tell my friends

    Leigh Anne Scurry Blake
      Leigh Anne Scurry Blake


      If you need chickens ducks rabbits best place around to get them from..